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What I’m Excited About: Starbound

Starbound is a game slated to come out later this year (no specific date from what I’ve seen) and I am very excited to play it! In many ways it is similar to Terraria – it’s a 2D, sandbox game in which you craft and mine and build. However there are differences. And they do make quite the… difference? The first big difference is that while Terraria is recognizably fantasy-based, Starbound is more science fiction oriented, as you may guess from the name. You start on your ship and can travel to different planets, seeing new landscapes and coming across new monsters and resources. The other big difference is that there are actual quests. As the website says, “It’s a story inside a sandbox!”.

So far, this game meets all of my personal “things-that-I-love-to-see-in-a-game” bullet points: sandbox; pixely retro graphics (done well); nice electronic music; lots of character customization. That’s not to say of course that I wouldn’t play a game that doesn’t meet some or all of these points, but these are just some of my favorite things. And Starbound meets these points and is probably why I am drawn to it.

Starbound is being developed and produced by Chucklefish, the same company that is producing another game I am looking forward to: Stardew Valley which I wrote about here.

Another really nice thing about Starbound is that the developers post updates on their progress nearly every single day! They haven’t yet gotten to beta stage yet, but the level of communication with fans is great.

Anyway, below is a demo video of some players building a base. I love all the details you can put into it!

Anxiety and Why I am Doing Let’s Plays

“Why are you calling my texting device?” from Blag Hag

I’m sure that many (most? all?) of you don’t know that I suffer from a lot of anxiety and anxiety attacks. It’s not fun. I thought finally finishing university would help ease up on my anxiety, but that has not been the case. But why am I telling you this? Well today I saw the above linked article and it resonates with me a great deal. A lot of what she talks about regarding phone conversations is also true for me. I want to specifically point out her second bullet point though:

I prefer written communication because it gives me time to think about what I want to say, and to digest what others are saying. A phone call has the pressure of instantly responding to what you just heard. I can never fully understand and process what I’m hearing, and I’m never eloquent about what I’m saying. It makes me feel ignorant and like I’m bumbling through a conversation. The anxiety is even worse when I’m talking to someone who knows I’m a writer, because all I can do is wonder if they’re thinking “This person is actually a dumbass, maybe they’re a fraud.

This touches on why I have started doing videos so much. Writing blog posts gives me time to think about what I want to say and what is going on in a game. A Let’s Play has the pressure of instantly responding to what just happened. By doing these videos, I am trying to get better at verbally explaining what I’m thinking while I’m thinking it. I am trying to work on verbally working my way through situations. Hopefully as I continue to make videos, this gets easier and easier.

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